Saturday, July 22, 2006

it's funny how we only start such things AFTER 04s307 becomes non-existant. All those times i was blog-hopping from one class's blog to another, it never occured to me how our class could actually start one too. haha...

whatever it is, although the class was pretty much separated, i still miss everyone :( The feeling of going for tutorials, lectures, avoiding eye contact with ms ee, finding excuses to go to toilets together with those crazy runs and fun basketballs n tennis at PE. oooh..i'm feeling blue again.haha.. if only we could go to mj without the need of sitting for A levels. That'll be life!

oh! and do you all remember that stupid rahman incident? I have yet to throw my A level cert at his face like he asked me to >:(

guess what. I dreamt of the class last night! haha...including JERRY KING! I even spoke to him, yen yen and ah pok in my dream. wahahaha.. and we were teaching other classes how to dance our teacher's day dance - the one that was inspired by streatches ( oh shit, i forgot how to spell that word. ) hmmm..i think it's a sign that this whole blog and chatbox thing is getting too much into my head.

goodbye jc, hello uni =(

ps: can you all pls respond to when u all are free? I wanna try to arrange a class gathering of some sort.


Blogger the smarties said...

i'm free next tue and thu! -vanessa

10:13 AM  

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