Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Is this place finally alive again or have everyone given up hope on it?


yes yes. ppl in NTU, pls do come down and write a note of love for the elderly. Check out the stuffs we're selling! we've got SEXY boxes, pillow cases, shirts and many more.

ppl from NUS, tell the world you're charitable. Come down and support as well! i can be ur tour guide for the day. Let u all try some delicious cant 11 wanton mee. Nene's a huge fan of it. wahaha...

Reunion dinner @ my room.
Hows that sound.
I think it's next thurs / next next thurs.
PL and i will play host.
Will contact again.
Try to keep it free.

if u're lucky, u might even see calvin lim's look-alike. 95% resemblence. haha..

Till then, goodnight all!


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