Saturday, July 29, 2006

with reference to the previous post, i think it depends.
i wouldnt say there'll be zero respect for these so-called new friends.
perhaps it isnt exactly respect but the inability to open up and be yourself.
you'll definitely be more aware of your behaviour and be more reserved.
in a way, that isn't respect.
like say, you wouldn't dare to bring your pets into your hostel if you're living with a new friend.
in a certain sense it's respect, but its also about uncertainty, shyness and all.
then again, no one can possibly give 100% respect to these new friends.
you don't just respect someone without knowing that person.
it takes time to communicate and get to know what kinda person he/she really is and what kinda qualities he/she has that deserves your respect.

ah chim

anyway, i suppose most people are moving in today.
have fun at camp everyone.



Blogger InSp1red said...

i guess u're right, ah bert.. but i think age's also imp... like for example, at least for me, i give my snrs high respect initially..but as camp passes, the respect dies. Similarly, i don't give groupmates much respect..until as days pass, they earn mine. does that make any sense?

8:51 AM  

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